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Most surface areas are neutral or negative. The patented EMist system places a powerfully positive charge on the chemical disinfectant as it leaves the spray nozzle creating greater adhesion and attraction (electromagnetic theory). The disinfectant is more targeted, provides more consistent coverage with less waste.

Emist Backpack

SKU: 01Emist Backpack
  • Efficient

    The EM360 provides faster, more consistent application reducing labor and chemical costs. The EM360 allows for one person to disinfect an entire room in seconds and up to 54,000 high-touch point sq ft per hour.


    The EM360 EMist Electrostatic Application System applies disinfectant solution with its patented technology to environmental surfaces with precision. The application methodology enables optimum effectiveness.

    Facts at a glance

    • 360º comprehensive coverage
    • Uses 75% less chemicals
    • 54,000 high-touch point square feet per hour coverage time
    • Average room disinfected in less than three minutes
    • Reduces labor time by 45%
    • Saves 50% on the cost of solutions

    Product specs

    • Cordless
    • Two hour continuous battery life
    • One gallon tank
    • Empty weight: 16 lbs.
    • Filled weight: 25 lbs.
    • Quiet – 65 decibel noise level
    • Easy conversion from backpack to roller cart
    • One year warranty

    System includes

    • 1 Applicator
    • 1 Power Pack
    • 1 Tank
    • 1 Harness
    • 1 Holster
    • 1 ESD Grounding Strap
    • 1 Rechargeable Battery
    • 1 Battery Charger

  • Singapore Only , Oversea TBC

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